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Retreats and Other Residential Programs 2015

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Insight Meditation and Yoga

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26 - 30 August

Kallara, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria Jess Huon and Anahata Giri 330

Insight Meditation: Finding your own Way

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26 August - 2 September

Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland, SE Qld Victor von der Heyde and Lizzie Turnbull 625 standard, 715 benefactor, 535 concession

Vipassana / Insight / Mindfulness: Heart of the Buddha's Teachings

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28 August - 3 September 

Sangsurya, Byron Bay, NSW  Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson 620, or 370 camping
Satipatthana: Deepening Practice 28 August - 25 September

BMIMC, Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains, NSW Patrick Kearney 1400, fully booked, wait list only
Spring Recollective Awareness Retreat 10 - 13 September

Kodoji, Gorricks Run, Upper McDonald, NSW Winton Higgins and Betsy Faen 230, 150 concession. Scholarships available

Recollective Awareness

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25 September - 1 October

Woodhouse Scout Centre, Piccadilly, South Australia Jason Siff and Anna Markey 640 (early bird concession) - 840

Insight Meditation: The Lion's Roar

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10 - 17 October 


Phoenix Rising Centre, Mullumbimby, NSW


Jess Huon with Andy McIntosh and Chani Grieve 540 or 515 camping

Applying Mindfulness

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16 - 25 October 

Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery, Tullera, near Lismore, Northern NSW Patrick Kearney 600 (early bird), 650

Insight/Vipassana: Open Heart, Open Mind

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22 - 29 October 

7 (limted 3 day places)
Kallara, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria Subhana Barzaghi and Carol Perry 595
Befriending the Body: Experiential Retreat for Women 28 October - 2 Novembe

Bowral, NSW Lizzie Turnbull and Joyce Kornblatt  640 or 675 (benefactor rate) 
Recollective Awareness 30 October - 3 November

Casa Pallotti, Millgrove, Yarra Valley, Victoria Jason Siff with Mathew Young  350 - 590

Recollective Awareness

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10 - 15 November

Country Fire Service (CFS) Training Centre
Brukunga, South Australia
Jason Siff and Jenny Taylor  720 (early bird concession) - 940 

Insight Meditation

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10 - 15 November

North Farm Retreat Centre, Bellingen, NSW Christopher Titmuss and Will James 375
Awareness of Mind / Metta: the integration of love and wisdom 4 - 13 December

Nedlands, West Australia Kamala Masters 520 - 570 or 220 - 250 for weekend 

*This cost does not include any payment to the teacher(s). Teachers rely on dana (literally "generosity") for these programs and there is usually a box at the retreat for this purpose.

Bookings are open for all the progams listed. There are other retreats and programs planned, they're shown in the Insight Meditation News and they'll appear on these tables when bookings open.

Insight Meditation Groups and Centres

Adelaide Ashtree Sangha Goolwa (SA)  Goolwa Dharma Group
Alice Springs Desert Buddha Sangha Lismore Kuan Yin Meditation Centre
Bellingen Tallowwood Sangha  Melbourne - East Brunswick Melbourne Insight Meditation Group - CERES
Circle of Women
Blackheath Cloud Refuge Melbourne - East Malvern Melbourne Insight Meditation Group - BSV
Brisbane - Morningside DharmaCloud  Perth Perth Insight Meditation Group
Brisbane - West End Heart Insight Sydney - Lower North Shore Bluegum Sangha
Byron Bay Bay Insight Meditation Sydney - Eastern Suburbs Golden Wattle Sangha
Byron Shire - Possum Creek Women's group Sydney SIM (Sydney Insight Meditators)
Dandenong Ranges Heartwood Insight Sydney - Northern Beaches Beaches Sangha  
Daylesford (Vic) Whitegum Sangha


Dharma and Climate Change

 Social action in India supported by the Insight Meditation community

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