Dharma Gaia Mandala

At the 2006 Dharma Gathering we constructed a large mandala near the meditation hall.

We also went on beach yatra.

Sand Mandala -
a visual prayer,
a communal mindfulness practice,
a journey to wholeness,
transforming the ordinary into the sacred.

Earth Altar -
Co-creator and canvas,
many hands gathering gum nuts, shells and bark,
forest and beach offering forth it's abundance,
treasure and debris artful companions.

Dharma Gaia -
Love this great beautiful living earth as your true Self.
Rugged mountains, wild rivers, stones and clouds,
frogs, beetles, birds of feather and creatures of the deep blue sea,
mammals, spawn and egg born,
May all beings find a safe harbor here.

Mandala creating -
The art of forgetting the self,
placing seed by seed,
breath by breath, moment by moment
a simple joy remembers ones true nature.

Earth Sanctuary -
Garden and gardener,
Weave a rich earthen tapestry of dark and light -
bleached sand, forest ash, ochre leaves and umber bark.
The cheeky dawn bower bird raids the bright blue berries,
purposefully placed in the mandala.

Protect the Earth -
We must be the change we wish to see.
Rise up Shambala Warriors, muster courage,
take up the tools of wisdom and compassion,
protect this precious green planet of ours.

Mandala enchantress -
Gathering place at twilight,
One hundred voices chanting for the earth,
Mother I feel you under my feet,
Mother I feel your heart beat…..

Noble Path -
You who walk this noble path,
of good intention, wise action, truthful speech,
right thought, wholesome livelihood, true effort,
right concentration and sweet mindfulness,
walk with a fearless joyful heart.

Dharma wheel -
Turns with the heart of compassion
and the eye of wisdom,
Let it now turn in the corridors of your daily life,
embodying the Way.

Destruction ritual -
All things are transient this is the great teaching.
No periphery, no centre
no ego, no mandala,
Vast emptiness, nothing holy.

Photos: Ken Golding (1,2,3,6,8), Paul Mazur (4,5,7), Poem: Subhana Barzaghi, Mandala overall design: Benny Zable, Mandala construction and detailed design: all Dharma Gathering participants.