BDA Financial Reports 1993 to 2006

1993 REPORT - Our first year

For our first year as the BDF we raised a considerable amount of money which is of great benefit to India. From all the children, teachers and others in India we wish to thank our generous sponsors. Also, for the committee, a great vote of thanks.

Our organisation is quite small, only thirty two donors, five of whom are on the committee. Even with so few so much can AND HAS been achieved. A$2,825.00 was raised last year.


Dear friends,

Last year was a great success in fund raising, with slide nights, chai stalls, a gala fundraising party, mail outs and many generous contributions. A$5,800 was raised in all; A$4,300 going to the school, A$700 to the destitute home, and a quick go around just before I left for India raised A$800 for our new project run by sister Jessie. All the projects are doing excellent work and having a truly wonderful effect on so many people, please read the individual reports enclosed. Once again thankyou so much for your kind help, and feel assured every dollar you have given has found a useful purpose in India.

Running costs for the BDF were all met by the committee who have given generously in both time and money.

Eoin Liebchen-Meades


I'm sitting here in my comfortable lounge listening to the sound track of "Forest Gump" and reflecting on the great things achieved this last year from a small group of caring dedicated committee members and our generous supporters. The up tempo of most of the tracks seems very appropriate.

In total last year A$7,500 was sent to India or 165,577 Rupees which is a very considerable amount of money there. The home for the destitute and dying received A$1,000; Sister Jessie's work A$2,000; and the Pragya Vihar School received A$4,500. Other articles outline the fantastic achievements of these projects, so please read on.

The money was raised by some very sizeable donations plus lots of support from many good friends. Other money came from the very successful preview of the "Little Buddha" movie, held at the Village Twin cinema in July last year, and several meditation courses. Also a special gift was received from Brenda Bayliss who made provisions for her funeral that money would be given to the BDF instead of flowers. Also the family made some direct contributions. It was a privilege to spend time with Brenda as she battled the disease that eventually took her life. Thankyou Brenda & family.

This year a lot of effort is going into incorporation which is the first step to becoming more organized and a charitable institution. We're hoping this doesn't take too much of our energies that might go into raising funds.

The work being done in India is of great value there, plus there is a huge flow on effect for several other groups and people finding avenues for service and help. We are a part of a growing movement of grass roots help and connection with our poorer brothers and sisters of our small world.

Yours in faith

E Liebchen-Meades
on behalf on BDF


At year end a total of A$6,100 was sent to India. Pragya Vihar School received A$3,500 and Sister Jessie's Work A$2,500. The Destitute Home was given A$100 which was specifically donated. It was felt this project had ample sources of funds and as our funds were limited we have decided to forward specific donations. General funds will flow to meet our primary projects needs.

Whilst fund raising this year has not been as successful as last year, it seems we will be able to deliver at the previous levels. This result is largely due to the A$2,000 raised at the Interfaith Dialogue and a few large contributions. Naturally, we wish to increase our offerings each year. Nevertheless a lot of energy is going in organising a constitution and we hope to direct more energy into fundraising. We are very grateful to all the people who have supported us and there are several people who have now been consistent donors for the four years of our operation.

All donations are a blessing and two large ones deserve special mention of the spirit of unity they embody. Someone had an unexpected windfall and though of limited pecuniary means, found great joy in passing this on for the benefit of our lesser brothers and sisters. The other came from an overseas donor who had heard of our work whilst travelling. We were thrilled with the interconnectedness of us all.

Eoin Liebchen-Meades
for BDF Committee


Due to the wonderful efforts of the committee particularly at the fund raising film "Siddhartha" and the generosity of our supporters we are raising our contributions. Sister Jessie will receive A$2500 and the Pragya Vihar School will receive A$4500. Though we hope to maintain this level of support we cannot guarantee it but we hope to be as fortunate next year. Once again I wish to thank everyone for their kind support - so little can do so much for so many!!

Eoin Liebchen-Meades


The light of generosity shone brightly this last year. Fund raising was boosted by a substantial donation from Action for World Development, a grant from funds raised by The Dalai Lama in Australia 1996, the very successful "Kundun" function and the wonderful generosity of all our regular donors, including many who choose to give and remain anonymous.

In November, our usual distribution time, A$5,500 went to Pragya Vihar School and A$3,000 to Sister Jessie.

After researching local needs, a further A$7,000 has been sent to Sister Jessie .... and we hold residual to offer support to the extra two projects and also funds in reserve for the P.V. School.

How inspiring are the young! Children at St Aidan's are working this year for our projects, raising money from sweet stalls and free dress days. Special thanks are extended to our youngest ever donor, Michelle, who was so touched by the plight of others that she broke open her piggy bank and left a note for her Mum..."Give this to Eoin for the children".

Pamela Grayson

by Pamela Grayson

Again this year, our fund raising efforts were fruitful, and we have been able to continue the past support level to our two main projects ... the Pragya Vihar School and Sister Jessie. Our fiscal year runs from March to February, and each November the more regular allocation of funds is sent. Often this is personally delivered by a committee member making a pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, which is invaluable, as it also provides us with feedback on other projects worthy of support if extra funds are held.

Distributed funds in November 1999 were:

Pragya Vihar School A$5,500
Sister Jessie A$3,000

Between April & June 1999 other projects supported by surplus funds from 98/99 year were:

Sister Mary Lobo A$1,000
People First International A$2,000
Sister Jessie A$7,000

Reports and stories on these projects featured in last year's very informative newsletter, compliments of Keith O'Neill who had journeyed to Bodhgaya. Surplus funds this year are limited so no extra one-off donations have been made.

2000/2001 REPORT

Despite the absence of a major fund-raising function we were still blessed with strong financial support, which came from varied sources and from the constancy of smaller ongoing activities.

From retreats organized by Victor, teachers and managers donated to the BDA some or all of the dana received by them and participants also gave generously. We were privileged with an inspiring dharma talk by Christopher Titmuss, a co-founder of the Pragya Vihar School and all monies given benefited the school. At the the Cloudroom at Richmond Road regular weekly/monthly dharma talks, meditation circles and reiki sessions are freely given and the magical 'donation box' at the door provides a constant flow. Other funding came from greeting card sales, chocolate drives, garage and market sales...all new ventures this year and our Web site as well as our recurring donors.

Funds were again personally delivered by a committee member making pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, which brings a two-fold benefit. On return, the member's stories re-inspire the committee and we gain up-to-date and direct knowledge of current project activities.

Distributed funds in November 2000 were:

Pragya Vihar School A$ 5,500.00 and Sister Jessie A$ 3,500.00

Pamela Grayson

by Pamela Grayson

One Nameste from the Treasurer .... For me, daily professional life encompasses running a business where a product is provided, a price is paid, India type bartering takes place and a constant monitor is needed to retain integrity. It gladdens my heart and keeps community spirit flowing to be a part of a group of people who just give. On behalf of the BDA and the children of Bodhgaya... Thank you for your generosity. It helps to shine a warming light in what is a difficult environment.

Distributed funds to India were $3,500 to Sister Jessie. $5,500 (equivalent of last year's distribution) has been allocated for the Pragya Vihar School but, as this year's school running costs had been met, we were asked to hold our distribution either for a shortfall year or pending decisions for the commencement of High School.

This year we raised $10,795.87 before running costs expense (which expenses are met by committee members). Our nett yearly target is $9,000 so the extra gives us options … to give to another worthwhile project ; to keep reserve funds should we have less fruitful future fund raising times; or to increase funding to Sister Jessie. Just now, no option decision has been made.

Yet again we have been blessed to achieve our yearly target. Temporarily the Garage Sales (with a carry over from last year) has provided the substitute income usually derived from a major fund raising event such as Movie or Dinner gathering. Funds raised via the Retreat when Christopher Titmuss was in Australia have contributed to this year's overflow. This, however, is subject to Christopher's coming to Australia and at most only a bi-annual happening. It is reassuring that aside from the Garage Sales and the bi-annual Retreat that much of our funding comes from recurrent donors. Thank you for your consistency.

The minimum needed for the India projects is $9,000. We still continue to explore other ways and means to raise funds... keeping within our constitution guidelines that any fund raising event should enhance community spirit here in Australia and contribute to people's understanding.

Efforts for the year:
Newsletter response (mostly recurrent donors) $1,400.00
School Students $ 902.65
Greeting Cards sales $ 329.55
Chocolate Drive $ 616.94
Global $ 50.00
Retreat & Coorparoo Talk - Christopher Titmuss, participants & managers $2,404.70
Garage Sales $2,256.30
General (rec. donors) $1,575.00
Cloud Room $ 711.70
Interest earned $ 549.03
New donors $ 745.00

FISCAL REPORT 2002 - 2003
Pam Grayson

Thank you for your continued support and generosity. This year $10,323.08 in funds were generated. Running costs have been met by the committee members.

Cloud Room $1,144.95
Garage Sale $2,303.40
General Donations $1,795.00
Greeting Card Sales $ 40.00
Global Donation $ 800.00
Newsletter $1,008.96
Organisation $1,000.00
School Students $1,448.25
Retreat (Metta Day) $ 100.00
Chocolate Drive $ 245.01
Interest Earned $ 357.51

We distributed $3500 to Sister Jesse. The Prajna Vihar School still has funds to cover its running costs, so the Bihar committee asked us to put aside $5,500 for later distribution. Some of the funds may be gifted to the proposed high school next to the PV School project, although it is still in the research and decision making stage.

While we trust there will be enough money to support the projects, in our humanness, we have also sometimes felt concern that a shortfall of funds could jeopardize them being able to continue. It is such a blessing to have residual funds for an emergency.

Once again ... on behalf of the children and communities of Bodhgaya ... thank you!


Thank you for your continued support and generosity. This year $14,663.31 nett funds were generated. Running costs have, as usual, been separately met by committee members. Donations were received from the following sources:

· Anonymous $1,550.00
· Dharma Cloud - Room Use $1,644.00
· Eoin Meades - Relaxation Centre Courses $2,170.50
· General  $356.00
· Global Nil
· Greeting Cards sales $45.00
· Newsletter $2,994.96
· Organizations Nil
· DharmaCloud Retreats - Teachers' & Managers' Dana $2403.00
+ Donations
· Bluegum Sangha $1690.25
· Tallowwood Sangha $114.55
· Interest earned $568.30
· Function - Film @ School $1,195.00

Distribution to India this financial year was $4,000 to the works of Sister Jessie. Once again funds have been allocated for The Pragya Vihar School pending request for them to be transmitted.

This year we have again been blessed. Dana has come from many new donors. Our recurrent donors, a large quorum of whom have been giving to the BDA since the first Newsletter, have again honoured us with fiscal funds. And … those who donate their services and time to the activities and running of the BDA have continued their aid. On behalf of the children of Bihar India … "Thank you".

Pam Grayson

Pamela Grayson

Last year, we were unable to acknowledge individual donors…but are back on track now. For this fiscal year – March to February 2005 - our thanks are extended to these donors.

New Donors: Pine Rivers High School – L Dorrington – S York – S Binney – M Popplewell – W Lawrence & J Gardiner – M Maclurcan – S Clarke – H McNamara
Recurrent Donors: J Russell – M Smith – M Hill & G Newbitt – S C Russell – M Heron – M Burford & P Rothlisberg – B Clark – Bill Knight – K Uzsoki – Tallowwood Sangha – St Aidan's Anglican School students – S Crawley
Retreat Teachers and Managers
Retreat participants plus : R & T Allen – S Williams – K McCleod – D pearsons – P Fittock & L Poole
Those who wish to remain anonymous - others who donate time or expertise in lieu of monetary support – Kemsley Schmidt for his audit services – The Cloud Room – BDA Committee members – Overseas donors.

A dissection of the funds received this year:
· Newsletter response (mostly recurrent donors) $1,356.38
· St Aidans Anglican School Students' activities           $ 491.25
· Pine Rivers High School – talk by Eoin Meades $ 100.00
· Retreat donations and donations to
· retreat manager (Victor von der Heyde) $1,993.00
· General (mostly new donors) + a gift of $1,000 $1,475.00
· Cloud Room: donations for room use & Meditation nights   $1,025.80
· Tallowwood Sangha            $ 431.20
· Eoin Meades for teaching services at Relaxation Centre $2,225.50
· Direct Credit deposits to Bank A/c           $ 525.00
· Interest earned                     $1,326.27

Every single dollar donated is a blessing. Some of the highlights are:
· Our recurrent donors .. who reliably keep the coffers filled.
· Unexpected, bigger than usual donations.
· Funds that are raised by school students and the schools that encourage those students.
· The efforts of two new meditation groups: Bluegum Sangha in Sydney and Tallowwood Sangha in Bellingen
· Regular direct credits made to our bank account to honour the spirit of Patricia Borger.

We endeavour to acknowledge all our donors but errors can happen and also, with direct credits to the Bank A/c, sometimes names are not available.

Our baseline funding of the PV School and Sister Jessie's program is $9,000 each year. This year produced income of $10,949.40 before running cost expenses (which are all met by committee members). $3,500 was sent to Sister Jessie. The funds that were temporarily held over for the Pragya Vihar School, $18,000, went to the school in January.

Thank you all
Pamela Grayson

Pamela Grayson

Thank you to all our donors … including those who give of their time or expertise. After due debate, the Committee has agreed to simplify the Treasurer's Report and we will no longer include the names of individual donors.

A dissection of the funds received this year:

 Anonymous  $ 800.00
Dharma Cloud – by donation for room use & Meditation Nights  $1,799.60
 Dharma Gatherings - Teachers, Managers & participants  $1,270.00
 Dharma Teaching services by 2 committee members  $4,139.25
 Direct Credit deposits to Bank A/c  $ 450.00
 General  $3,148.80
 Newsletter response  $5,464.88
 Sangha communities/groups  $1,957.00
 St Aidans Anglican School Students' activities  $ 522.40
 Drought Relief remitted  $3,000.00
 Drought Relief – later  $ 100.00
 Interest earned  $1,249.91

It's difficult for me to put this into words. Every donation is special. This year, however, income exceeded all expectations. It was $23,901.84 including the $3000 for the special Drought Relief drive. The resources and generosity of some new and recurrent donors saw 13 major donations of between $500 and $2,000 each. The deserving children of India have been blessed.

Our commitment to India is a minimum of $9,000 each year. $5,000 was sent to Sister Jessie for drought relief .. comprised of $3,000 direct donations plus $2,000 from BDA discretionary funds. $3,500 also went to Sister Jessie for her education and ancillary projects. Pragya Vihar School has again required that the yearly commitment of $6,000 remain here until requested.

All moneys received are recorded and allocated as specified by donors. Should any surplus to a particular project be held, it is trackable to that project. Donations were specified as:

Pragya Vihar School $ 3,320.88
Sister Jessie  $ 1,150.00
Drought Relief $ 3,100.00
Discretionary $15,081.05

Thank you all
Pamela Grayson


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