BDA Objectives and Guiding Principles


1. To support education, health, literacy and life-skills programs in low caste communities in the Bodhgaya region of Bihar State, India.

2. To raise funds and use these funds to support only schools or other programs which have Indian Government approval for receiving funds from overseas through the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. To also provide teacher training and management support for these programs when required.

3. To support those programs which respect the diversity of religious views in Bodhgaya and which encourage self-reliance.

4. To ensure that over 95% of funds donated will be used by programs in Bodhgaya.

5. To help adults and school students in Australia understand the culture, circumstances and difficulties of life in Bodhgaya. To foster communication between school students in Australia and school students in Bodhgaya. To help Australians travelling in India meet community members, staff and students of the supported programs.

6. To co-operate with and offer non-financial support to donors and other aid organisations involved in the same or similar programs in Bodhgaya.

Prajna Vihar Schoold dance and music teacher


Guiding Principles

While attending to the above objectives, the Association will be guided by the following principles.

1. The Association will function as a secular not-for-profit body and members will offer their services to the Association on a totally voluntary basis. The Association will make no payments to members for travel expenses.

2. The Association will conduct its activities with a respect for and sensitivity to the social environment in Bodhgaya. The Association will also conduct its activities with a sense of care for the natural environment.

3. The Association will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or religion.

4. The Association will endeavour to develop understanding in Australia for the culture and circumstances in Bodhgaya. It will also endeavour to develop, where possible, understanding in Bodhgaya for the culture and circumstances in Australia.

5. The Association will ensure that wherever possible funds raised are distributed in line with the association's objects.


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