Heart Insight Meditation Brisbane

A group to explore and share the Buddha’s meditations and liberating insights

New venue and time for 2018: Sunday evenings 6 to 8pm at Haiku, 71 Russell Street, West End

Suitable for those who have a practice or are comfortable sitting for 40 mins. We welcome beginners to sit with us but please be aware we don’t have a regular teacher who can provide introductory sessions. You can however find a number of introduction to meditation talks and guided meditations online (see suggested links below for examples).

Insight-Vipassana is the liberating process of seeing deeply into the way things are. The Buddha's teachings allow us to cultivate inner calmness and wellbeing in order to directly perceive the habitual patterns of mind that create stress. When we see these limitations we are free to open and explore a creative life. Heart Insight is a group suitable for those who are interested in developing liberating meditation practices and insights.

When: Sunday evenings: arrive at 6:00 for the meditation starting at 6:15. Group to finish around 7:45 for tea.

Schedule January 2018

25th February
Patrick Kearney
Intorducing Dependent Arising
4th March
Patrick Kearney
Dependent Arising and Insight
10th March
Ayya Tathaaloka
Day of Practice at Bodhi Chan. Theme of Using the Brahma Viharas
11th March
Ayya Tathaaloka
Cooling the Fire: Finding Ease
18th March
Lulu Cook
Awakening Factors (2): Reframing Calm and Equanimity
25th March Lulu Cook
Getting Over Emotional Hangovers: Relaxing in the Midst of the Eight Worldly Winds
1st April Lulu Cook
The Whole of the Path: How Beauty, Humor and Creativity can Spark our Practice

Donation: The group is run by donation to help cover the running costs.

Teacher: The group's main teacher is Lulu Cook. Lulu was trained as a community dharma teacher by Against the Stream/Dharma Punx and Spirit Rock in California, where she was founding teacher at Oakland Against the Stream. She finds sangha (community) to be a transformative container for Dharma practice, and householder life, relationships, and embodied practice to be rich grounds for awakening.

Suggested links:

Gil Fronsdale’s Introduction to Meditation course
Thannisaro Bhikkhu’s guided meditations
Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Guide to Meditation (With Each and Every Breath)
Patrick Kearney’s retreat talks

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