Insight Meditation Retreats

DharmaCloud runs Insight Meditation practice days and retreats, both in the Brisbane area and in Northern NSW.

A weekly meditation group, the Heart Insight group, meets in West End in Brisbane.

4th June 2016: Day of Practice at Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre, Springwood with Hui Chyuan and Victor von der Heyde (organised by Bodhi Chan)

Our 2016 retreat at Springbrook went from 25th May to 1st June.

The arrangments for 2017 are:

2017 Springbrook retreat
Insight Meditation: Finding your own Way

with Victor von der Heyde and Lizzie Turnbull
Theosophical Society Retreat Centre, Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland
Wednesday 24th May - Wednesday 31st May 2017

Bookings will open in late January or Feburary 2017.

Victor von der Heyde has been practising meditation for over thirty years. He studied with a wide range of Dharma teachers in India, Nepal, the US, UK and Australia and spent over a year in silent retreats. He has taken Dharma teaching roles since the mid 1990s and has been leading yatras since they started in Australia in 2006. Victor worked for many years as a counsellor and as chair of the Bodhgaya Development Association, an aid organisation that supports literacy and self-sufficiency programs in India.

Lizzie Turnbull has been studying and practising Buddhism since 1985 in the Vajrayana tradition and then in Zen and Western Insight. She began teaching Insight meditation retreats in 2010. For many years she has been interested in integrating the Buddha Dharma with the social sciences and psychotherapy. Lizzie was a director of Somatics Body Oriented Psychotherapy Training in Sydney and now teaches and supervises on the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists (AABCAP) professional training programme. She has a private practice in the Byron Shire.

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