Insight Meditation in Brisbane

July to December 2012:
Weekly: Early Sunday morning sittings with Eoin Liebchen-Meades
19th August: Late Sunday morning sittings followed by shared lunch
16th December: Late Sunday morning sittings followed by shared lunch

DharmaCloud runs introductory meditation courses, hosts occasional Sunday morning meditation sessions, organises in-service teacher training courses for established meditation teachers and offers occasional meditation retreats. Most of the bigger retreats are held in Northern NSW.

Morning and evening events are normally held at the Cloudroom, which is in the grounds of the Morningside Healing Sanctuary, 147 Richmond Road, Morningside on the corner of Bonar Street. The entrance is in Bonar Street.

Sunday sit and eat programs, July - December 2012

The 'sit and eat' mornings for this half year are Sunday 19th August and Sunday 16th December. The program is:

10:00 Sit
10:45 Break (walk,tea and/or read)
11:15 sit
12.00 break (walk,tea and/or read)
12:30 sit
1:00 lunch (bring a plate to share)

You can arrive before 10:00 or come in any of the breaks. The DharmaCloud library will be open for people wanting to read during the breaks. You don't need to let us know you're coming, you can just show up. These mornings are for people who are comfortable (reasonably) sitting for 45 minute periods and don't need guidance or instructions.

Cost: free, although there is a donation box and anything you put there will go to projects in India we support (Bodhgaya Development Association).

Regular Sunday morning meditation

There is a regular Sunday morning sit from 8 to 10 am followed by a discussion on meditation, a time to look at people's experience, or a short talk. The sitting is a solid block with no breaks but you can (quietly) come into the room after 8 or go out to have a break. Some people arrive around 9 am.

The group is for people with an established meditation practice and not suitable for beginners. It is run by Eoin Liebchen-Meades who has nearly 40 years experience in meditation and has practiced with a wide variety of Buddhist and other teachers. Eoin has taught meditation for over 15 years and the style of the discussion and the talks is influenced by the work of Jason Siff and Recollective Awareness.

There may be some Sundays where Eoin is away and the group doesn't run. To confirm that the sitting is on, please email Eoin on eoinlm at or call Eoin or Crissi on 3399 7251 (w).

Introduction to Meditation courses with Victor von der Heyde

The next course will run in the beginning of 2013. If you'd like to be on the list of people who hear when booking open, please contact us though the DharmaCloud email or phone number below.

This is an eight session course run in the evenings, one and occasionally two evenings a week over a period of five or six weeks. The aim of the course is to give people a good grounding in different styles of meditation. What is covered is types of mindfulness practice, other more open styles of meditation, meditations that generate a warm and kind attitude, and Naikan practice, a method of contemplation. The course is intended for people who would like to learn an approach to stress management, or to becoming more calm and grounded, or who would like tools to see more clearly what sort of inner landscapes we go through and what sort of options we have in those landscapes. All the meditation practices come from Buddhism and while the course will cover some aspects of Buddhism that relate to meditation, you won't be asked to believe anything.

The course has a maximum number of 12 people. This allows time for people to talk about their experience. Much of the course is interactive.

The cost for the eight session course is $120.

Victor von der Heyde has been practicing meditation for over thirty years. He studied with a wide range of teachers in India, Nepal, the US and Australia and these included Insight Meditation, Zen, Dzogchen and non-aligned teachers. He has taken dharma teaching roles since the early 1990s and has been leading yatras since they started in Australia in 2006. His particular interest is in helping people understand the different types of meditation so that they're in a position to choose what works for them. Victor has also completed graduate studies in Social Science, worked for many years as a counsellor, and is chairman of the Bodhgaya Development Association, an aid organisation that supports literacy and self-sufficiency programs in India.

DharmaCloud Library: There is a library for people who come to DharmaCloud events on a regular basis. It requires a $10 refundable deposit to become a member. The book catalogue is in two sections: A to K and L to Z. There are also tapes, CDs and Buddhist magazines.

DharmaCloud email list: We have an email list for people who would like to receive occasional emails - very occasional - of DharmaCloud events. This is just for people in Brisbane and different from the list used for the quarterly Insight Meditation News. If you'd like to be on this list, please email us (email address below).

For further information call (07) 3343-8243 or email home