The Inaugural Dharma Yatra in Oz
October 2006

Yatra: a pilgrimage / walkabout, this one had all the walking in silence.

Route: Northern Rivers NSW, 50 to 60 kilometres over a week. Dharmananda - the Forest Meditation Centre – Wallace Road camp - up the Nightcap track (Nightcap National Park) to Doon Doon ridge - climbed Mt Jerusalem (Mt Jerusalem National Park) - down to Clarrie Hall Dam - Midginbil - Kungur - Mebbin State Forest - Mebbin National Park - Wollumbin State Forest - Brays Creek Reserve. Overall - along the southern rim of the old Wollumbin volcano, down through the old crater, up the rim on the west then back to the valley.

Each day: Yoga, meditation period with some guidance, pack up camp, put heavy gear in the van, and set off. Late afternoon: come across the trucks and Sandra's red kitchen caravan, set up camp. Night: campfire, more meditation. Short dharma talk or dharma program.

Us: 30 to 40 of us. Organised by Ronny Hickel and Emma Geraghty. Yoga teacher: Ronny. Dharma teachers: Victor von der Heyde and Carol Perry. Nature guide: Tim Lang. Helpers: everyone who was there.


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