yatra (Sanskrit): a journey, pilgimage.




Our yatras are usually in forest or wild country, they have meditation, yoga, and the walking is done in silence. Often it's a week in the bush with just carrying daypacks and having the heavier bags taken to the next campsite. There are different sorts of yatras, some are Dharma yatras and have Dharma teachings and are not-for profit. There's also Deep Ecology yatras and other yatras. More details can be found on yatra.org.au.





There's a number of Dharma yatras each year. All the walking is done in silence, there are daily sitting meditation periods (some silent, some guided), meditation instructions, a guided basic yoga practice, meetings in small discussion groups and dharma teachings. We usually sleep in tents, there's cooks (but we give them a hand), and there's a support vehicle which takes bags from one campsite to the next, so all you have to take is a daypack. The daily walking is usually between eight and sixteen kilometres per day but it varies, depending on the yatra. Also on the Dharma yatras we generally have a day of silence where we stay in the one place, there's a meditation retreat schedule and people are free to participate in the whole schedule or not, as they choose.

Here's some photos (and poems, and a story) from past yatras:

2006 Nightcap - Mebbin (NSW)
2007 Nightcap - Wollumbin Caldera (NSW)
2008 Nightcap Circuit (NSW)
2009 Walking Man (NSW)
2009 Larapinta (NT)
2009 Nightcap Circuit (NSW)
2010 Walking Man (Qld)
2010 Mimosa Rocks - Gulaga (NSW)
2010 Lamington-Springbrook (Qld)

2011 Mimosa Rocks - Gulaga (NSW)
2011 Nightcap Circuit (NSW)
2012 Mimosa Rocks - Gulaga (NSW)
2012 Moreton Island (Qld)
2013 Blue Tier (Tas)
2013 Nightcap Circuit (NSW)
2014 Tasman Peninsula (Tas)
2014 Lamington - Springbrook (Qld)
2015 North West Highlands (Tas)
2015 Wollumbin - Cape Byron (NSW)


Photos from more recent yatras are on the yatra website.

Yatras have led to various creative endeavours. One has been a story based on the 2010 Lamington Springbrook Yatra. That story appears as the second half of the book Mountains Belong to the People Who Live Them by Lesley Synge.


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All photos on this page taken on dharma yatras.

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