What is Insight Meditation?

Insight Meditation (also known as Vipassana) refers to both Buddhist meditation practices and a largely Western form of Buddhism. A feature of Insight Meditation as a form of Buddhism is that it is either free of ritual or has minimal ritual. It draws on the practices and wisdom of Theravada Buddhism, which has been practiced for centuries in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. Many Insight Meditation teachers have also been influenced by Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.

There are different styles of Insight Meditation. Some common threads are that they all place importance on acting in an ethical way, and they all have a focus on settling the mind, developing a level of clarity, and looking carefully at one's experience. Aims of Insight Meditation include coming to a deep understanding of ourselves, and developing compassion for all living beings.


Quarterly Insight Meditation News

We have a quarterly email news which gives a little more information than is on the website about what is coming up and what is happening in our national (mainly East Coast) network. You can get on the list for these emails by sending an email to:

We're happy to take you off the list at any time. Just let us know. We don't give names or addresses on this list to anyone.

Groups in particular areas (DharmaCloud, Bluegum Sangha, Sydney Insight Meditators, Tallowwood Sangha, Heart Insight in Brisbane and others) have their own lists. Look under the "Groups/Centres" heading for contact details.



We have regular meditation, yoga and walking programs called yatras. Details available here.


Social Action Supported by the Insight Meditation Community

Insight Meditation groups have supported a variety of social programs. The initiative which has had the most focus, since it started twenty four years ago, is the Bodhgaya Development Association, an Australian group supporting a school and other programs for the poor in India.


Insight Meditation further afield

There are many Insight Meditation centres and groups overseas. Five of the larger centres are these:





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Site Information

This site is for programs run by teachers on the teacher page, related groups, the annual SIM new year retreat, and programs run by overseas Insight Meditation teachers who have taught at one of the five large centres listed above. To contact the site administrator email

Retreats get posted when the details are set and bookings are open.



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